Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and the moon. She is the main character of Artemis the Brave and Artemis the Loyal. She has a twin brother named Apollo and her best subject is Beastology. She is sometimes scared but would never admit it out loud. She might also have a crush on Actaeon.

Artemis is an animal lover and keeps 3 dogs in her dorm. She has deer that pull her chariot. Nobody has ever beaten her in a nice game of archery.. except maybe her brother, Apollo.

It is confirmed that Artemis and Actaeon have a realtionship, when after the Heraean Games he kisses her. Her dogs names are Amby, Suez, and Nectar. She is one of the quadruplet of girls that are the most popular girls at MOA. She also wins the archery part of the Girl Games, she gets an wreath of victory for that. Artemis is the brave one and will never fail her friends.