After a teeny misunderstanding in class, Aphrodite is failing Hero-ology. To raise her grade, she concocts a brilliant plan--an extra-credit project for matchmaking mortals. This brings her face-to-face with fierce competition--an Egyptian goddess girl named Isis. Now the race is on to see which of them can matchmake Pygmalion--the most annoying boy ever! Will Aphrodite wind up making a passing grade after all? Or will she end up proving she's a diva with more beauty than brains? In the book, Aphrodite creates a war- the Trojan war, to be exact. When raising her grade she ends up competing Isis, the Egyptian goddessgirl of Love, for the title Goddessgirl of Love. After both girls bringing in many candidates for the best girl Aphrodite sneaks around and finds a statue that Pygmalion is actually in love withthe name, Galatea. Then Aphrodite makes her come alive. Isis says that Aphrodite should get the title of Goddessgirl of Love, but Aphrodite refuses and says both should get the title. After that, it is revealed that Aphrodite's failing D turns to be a B after helping the mortal Pygmalion.Edit

Whoever edited and said Isis married Pygmalion, they are wrong. PLEASE RE-READ Aphrodite the Diva"