Aphrodite is the godess of beauty and love. She was the main character of Aphrodite the Beauty and Aphrodite the Diva. She is known for always wanting to match people up but her matchups don't always go so well considerings she started a war once when trying to match up two people up. She is also known to have a crush on Ares and was jealous when he was "crushing" on Athena whom he called "Theeny" (Zeus's nickname for Athena) although Ares only wanted to get a city named after himself like Athena

Aphrodite the Beauty

Aphrodite decides to help one of her best friends Athena with a makeover. After helping Athena though she must deal with jealousy as Ares becomes closer and closer to Athena. Godboys are suddenly paying more attention to Athena than Aphrodite! Though one godboy named Hephaestus, who is the godboy of the smith, seems to see that Aphrodite is more than just a beauty. Aphrodite appreciates his friendship, but wants it to be nothing more than that so she returns the braclet made of rosegold that he made her. Aphrodite also has to help a mortal who is in love with a young woman who is the fastest runner on Earth. The young woman's father has agreed to accept their love if the mortal boy wins his daughter in a race. The young woman would not cheat and slow down for the mortal boy because she wants to play fair. Aphrodite asks Hephaestus to make her three gold apples which during the race helps disract the young woman and in the end enable the mortal boy to win the race. He thanks Aphrodite and the girls head back to MOA. Aphrodite finds out that Ares only wanted to be with Athena to get a city named after himself like Athena's city; Athens, Greece. Athena is furious and she leaves Ares. In the end Ares and Aphrodite fight and she claims to have gotten over him. Athena reveals to Aphrodite she only wanted a makover to ace Beauty-ology which she was having a hard time with. Hephaestus begins to talk to another girl to get over his love of Aphrodite.